Reinhard Seehafer (*1958)

Reinhard Seehafer was born on September 6 1958 in Magdeburg. At the age of 5, he received his first piano lessons. In addition, he composed little piano pieces, chamber music and songs. As a young musician, he was a winner of the Beethoven Piano Competition and Improvisation Competition Weimar. In 1975, the music director Rolf Reuter recognized the talent of the young pianist and composer, and taught him in his conducting class at the Academy of Music and Drama "Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy" Leipzig, alongside Georg Christoph Biller, currently Cantor of St. Thomas, and Claus Peter Flor. From 1976 to 1982 Reinhard Seehafer studied with Rolf Reuter and Kurt Masur, and subsequently with Otmar Suitner and Leonard Bernstein.


In 1991, together with the director of the opera house Görlitz, Wolf-Dieter Ludwig (1928-2007) Seehafer co-founded the cross-cultural project EUROPERA where he was musical director and principal conductor until 1998. In the same year he founded the Europa Philharmonie, where he is principal conductor until today. F


In his compositional work, Reinhard Seehafer has dedicated himself to various genres and styles. In addition to chamber music and opera, large symphonic works hold a central position in its activities as a composer. In 2007, Reinhard Seehafer created a newly reconstructed version of Germany's first opera, "Dafne" which was lost during the Thirty Years War, on the basis of the original libretto by Martin Opitz to music by Heinrich Schütz.


Since 2010, Seehafer's works were published exclusively with Pfefferkorn Music Publishers, Leipzig.


Already published:


Orchestral works

  • Roots - Symphonc Prable for Orchestra
  • Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra (2013)



  • Unused Rooms... silence (Octet for Brass)
  • The Desert has Twelve Thing - Meditation for Words by Mechthild of Magdeburg
  • Piano Quintet (2011)
  • Cinderella - Easy-to-play Piano Trio for Children (after the Fairy tale)



  • Jahreszeiten-Eflchen (Cycle for Children's Choir, Flute and Piano)