Christian W. Petersen (*1964)

Christian W. Petersen was born into a northern-german family of cantors. At the age of 12, he received his first music lessons by Prof. Kurt Palm at the Academy of Music "Hanns Eisler" in Berlin, were he finished his sudies 1985 as a professional horn player with the Master of Arts. After being a studend apprentice at the Komische Oper (Comical Opera House) Berlin, he won his first permanent position at the Staatsorchester Frankfurt/Oder (State Orchestra of Frankfurt/Oder). Moreover he is a long-time member of the Jazz Bigband "Vielharmonie". 


After the Fall of the Berlin Wall he began his studies in cultural administration at the Universies of Hamburg and Long Beach, Los Angeles. Today, Petersen is a self-employed musician and composer, being a permament member of the Chamber Symphony Berlin, the Mendelssohn Chamber Orchestra Leipzig and the Leipzig Chamber Orchstra.


In his compositional output Petersen is not focussed on special musical forms, his works can rather be characterized as a mixture of occidental-tonal music combined with some special modern elements. Together with the Leipzig composer Christian Beyer, Petersen is one of the composers of the feature-length opera "Nathan the Wise", which is going to be published in 2013.

Already published:


Vocal music

  • 6 songs in romanticising style, after lyrics by Theodor Fontane (2 volumes), 2011


Chamber music

  • Divertimento for Bassoon and String Orchestra (Bassoon and Piano), 2011
  • Divertimento for Horn and Piano, 2012
  • Five Miniatures for String Quartet, 2012



  • Concerto for Viola and Orchestra (Premiere November 16, 2012, Leipzig)


Stage works

  • Nathan the Weise, Opera in four Acts after Gotthold Ephraim Lessing (Co-Production with Christian Beyer, Leipzig) (2013)