Contemporary Music

Since the establishment Pfefferkorn Music Publishing is committed to contemporary composers. Well, the image on the left is a bit exaggerated.

When working with new composers, we try to make sure that the border to atonal music is not exceeded. Some critics claim that this publishing policy is short-sighted and 'turned back'. However, we are of the opinion that any cobbler should stick to his last. Therefore, our focus is - even with contemporary composers - more on the 'classical' tonal music.


Since 2004, we have welcomed those composers to our publishing family:


  • Reinhard Seehafer (*1958)
  • Christian W. Petersen (*1964)
  • Alon Wallach (*1980)
  • Vladimír Vlna (*1972)
  • Peter Mai (*1932)
  • Rudi Spring (*1962)
  • Ulrich Rasche (*1954)
  • ab 2014: Johannes Wulff-Woesten (*1966)